VisuaLook is an intelligent “recommender” of sizes and check of your virtual clothes “3D look”

Increase your ecommerce sales and reduce returns.

Increase your ecommerce sales and reduce returns.

Visualook allows your customers to check their look with clothes from your shop and to see how to combine them. Previously Visualook will recommend the size that they should use for the garment they wish to buy, regardless of the manufacturer, since the calculation of size is made by combining the garment pattern and their measurements.

VisuaLook integrates your online store allowing increased conversions by about 60% and reducing the rate of returns by more than 25%, because the user can check how a particular garment fits on a 3D avatar that has their own morphological measurements.

R+D+i with 3D technology

R+D+i with 3D technology

A development based on research and innovation with 3D technology

We apply numerical and computational techniques for the simulation of fabrics and calculations based on the application of new algorithms of physical and matrix algebra, biometrics and morphing that allow you to adjust the size of the garment 3D using multiple measurements of users, while being faithfully represented in a 3D avatar within our virtual Tester.

Promotion of electronic commerce of fashion

Promotion of electronic commerce of fashion

Visualook aims to give a boost to e-commerce fashion through a true virtual tester with 3D technology.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of talents and researchers have developed an innovative display system "Clothing Fitting" that allows to view in real time the morphology of the user through a three-dimensional dummy in order to choose their look with the chosen clothes. This new technology will revolutionize the industry, creating an unparalleled experience in discovering how clothing fits, allowing you to choose your size without errors, which will allow you to buy clothes online without fear of mistakes and to share your custom look on social networks.

How does it work?

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Get a virtual tester “show room” or virtual “fitting room” with very visual, social and personalized clothing that can increase conversion by up to 50%, and improve the average order by 30%.


Internet influences more and more on purchases of clothes

Internet has become an important factor that influences the decision of consumers to buy clothing, even if the eventual purchase takes place in the store. More than two-thirds of consumers with Internet access compare prices online, read reviews, and visit web pages of clothing manufacturers or research the new brand on their computers and mobile devices.


Visualook integrates on your ecommerce website in a completely natural way, respecting esthetics and with no intrusion into the same.


is a development based on research and innovation, we apply numerical and computational techniques for the simulation of fabrics and calculations based on the application of new algorithms of physical and matrix algebra, biometrics and morphing that allow you to adjust the size of the garment by 3D anthropomorphic multiple measures of users while being faithfully represented in a 3D avatar within our virtual Tester.

And furthermore, the scalability of the product is guaranteed since our development code is compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry and web browsers with Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Linux through the WebGL implementation.


With 3D modeling in your collection you can simulate functions detailed in ways to design clothes, such as pleats, pleated, stitched and the behavior of the physical properties of the materials of the fabrics.

Youbuy 3D has the solution
Visualook animated avatar

Benefits that it brings

The main objective of VisuaLook: Increase in sales

Returns Reduction

When you buy your clothes at stores that offer VisuaLook you can be sure that size and garment choice will be that which fits you best! With this product, there is no doubt that you will save clothing returns.

Increase ecommerce conversion

A quality visitor and well segmented traffic, a shop with good conversion ratios, high medium orders and few returns, and a repetition of rising purchase ratios that show the loyalty towards our value proposition.

Improvement in SEO’s virtual shop

The increase in the length of stay of the user in the virtual shop is thanks to our tool. It comes from an interactive and enjoyable process, although it does not finalize on a purchase and allows better positioning for the online shop SEO.

Via social networks virality

Encourages the user to share the things they like or would like to have, and this input is combined with a collective filter based on “it is likely that I would like what my friends like or people like me like”. This way increases the visibility of the brand and the generation of qualified “Leads”.


Our team is working on new challenges

Mobile devices

At the level of programming our source code allows us to model and add custom textures, which supports the most used formats on the market, allowing you to export the final result on mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows8) and desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac).

The virtual gateway

We want to fully introduce ourselves into retail linked shows and we are developing an application focused on a particular purpose: upload collections and most desired products during parades, and notify interested users when they are available to be booked (the pre-order).

Avances probador virtual Visualook

Augmented reality

Brands may use our augmented reality tool to replace the physical catalog when presenting their new collections.

On the other hand, retailers can take advantage of it as a very powerful and innovative marketing tool, using it as a virtual gateway to show garments to buyers in the store, with the help of a fixed screen, a tablet or a smartphone.


Our values are joined with knowledge and talent

Visualook team

Visualook team

Passion for their work and talent are the words that describe our team. A group of professionals trained in the latest technologies and business management to provide the best result in our projects.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, together with taking care of the smallest details with our customers, provides an added value to the result of our work.


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